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Friday, February 26, 2016

New Amatuer Vids Weekly!

This will be a recording of a member show that will occur during daylight hours on Tue or Thurs (I'm pretty set on Thursdays but if you think Tuesdays would be better let me know).  The video will consist of me opening all of my amazon wish list gifts from y'all from the week prior, updates on what's currently going on in my life in video blog fashion, conversing with the members present for that member chat and a traditional strip tease style show!  I hope you guys can all participate in the recorded shows from now on but if your schedule doesn't permit, you can just watch later!

These will be very relaxed shows.  I won't be all done up like I am for the photo shoots or special holiday shows that get posted.  It will just be plain ol' me being myself and enjoying myself with y'all, the homies! <3 nbsp="" njoy="" p="">


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